Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What have you done for your marriage today?

This question was posed in an TV advertisement on either ESPN, the history channel or the military channel. Yes, I know your thinking those three channels seem like an unlikely place for a meaningful commercial. I agree, and that might be why it caught my attention.

As I watched the commercial unfold they pose this question to several random individuals. Couples at parks, restaurants and other public places... Most of the answers were phony and a weak attempt to not look like a smuck, while a few were honest and sincere. It was these honest answers that got me thinking... what if I did something intentionally every day for my marriage? It could be as simple as an "I love you" text or a homemade batch of molasses crinkles. This is no little task, but what could the rewards be? 

Maybe it's the newly wed in me, but I think this is an excellent challenge for anyone at any stage of their married (or future married) life. 

It might be halfway through January, but I think I found a New Years resolution worth working on. Better late than never! I challenge you to do the same. 

Let me know how it goes, and may your year be intentionally filled with love and hugs!

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