Thursday, March 12, 2009

I heart my Canon 5D Mark II...

Taking the first picture on a new camera is always hard. What should you shoot? Will that shot be worth of the camera's quality? So what did I decide to take pictures of.... chickens. Seemed fitting since I was making such a big deal out of that first picture ;) .... But I totally fell in love with this shot. It's almost like the hen is giving the nail "the look".... And then the cartoon thought bubbles start appearing, like... "Bring it." or "Did you just call me a chicken?".... I'm such a dork, but I wanted to share her with everyone... Hope you are having a wonderful day! Hugs!

Ohhh and after playing around in photoshop.... this same chicken looks like she was posing hundreds of years ago... soooo cool... I love this look!

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Anonymous said...

Love the chicken!! You are a dork but that is why we love you!!