Monday, May 11, 2009

Kelsy & David's Moses Lake wedding...

Two words I believe describe this wedding are simple and sweet.... Simple, because the most important part of the day were the vows shared by the couple... Sweet, because there were so many tasty desserts that anyone with a severe sweet tooth went home in a sugary bliss! Major bliss! My mouth waters just thinking about it. During the reception the newlyweds were asked to describe each other with one word... David described Kelsy as"caring," and Kelsy described David as "loyal." Simple and sweet... Thank you Kelsy and David for letting me go crazy taking pictures of you ;) Big thank you to the groom who knew that "this is the last one" really meant I was going to take at least 10 more shots... hehe...God bless and keep you! Hugs.

My personal favorite below!

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