Monday, May 18, 2009

Stephanie & Brent's Ephrata wedding...

This couple makes me feel mushy! Stephanie and Brent are one of the sweetest couples... like cavity sweet! They both just returned from serving on a mission in South America... As in, they've been in the U.S. maybe two weeks! They met at college where they held similar classes, and fell head over heals for each another. This might not be their first wedding, but it's the official one. A bridesmaid informed me that they might have been accidentally married in Montana during a mock wedding... oops! (apparently their laws are less strict) However, the kiss during the ceremony was their first "public" kiss, and we made up for lost time during pictures! ;) Stephanie and Brent thanks for letting me be a part of your big day! God bless you in every way! Another thank you to my sis, who helped me stay calm, cool and collected. ;) Oh... and Steph and Brent... you guys rocked the camera!!!

Brent get's his first look at his bride... this should be every grooms face!

This is how she looked at him all day. Made my heart melt!

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