Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nicole & Ron {e} session...

Last week I got the chance to use one of the more beautiful places on the eastside of Washington, as a backdrop for a super-fun engagement session. Silver Falls is located in the Wenatchee Forest above the little town of Entiat. It's also were Nicole and Ron went on their first date, so it only seem fitting to return to where it all began. These two cracked me up... Ron tells off the wall stories, has had too many near death experiences and collects everything that has to do with him and Nicole (he kept the pine cone from one of the pics!!).... Nicole is sooo sweet, can cruise the mountains barefoot and has more patience than Mother Teresa... We had so much fun and they too experienced the "this is the last one... oh wait.." Thanks guys for being such troopers, I had a blast. I also wanted to thank my super awesome hubby for being my pack mule, and super star Staci for helping out... Staci also posted some of her favorites check those out at

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