Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nicole & Ron Cashmere, Wa wedding...

Flowers: Costco
Hair: Alia Gratham
Makeup: Kristin Pfeiffer
DJ: Curlyoke, Vern Hardden

Nicole and Ron crack me up.... Mostly because Ron kept elbowing Nicole during the ceremony and giving her a look that resembled a cross between "wassup" and "hey there hottie"... They didn't stop smiling the whole day, and it was contagious because I couldn't help but chuckle behind the camera. During the toast Nicole thanked Ron for never giving up on trying to win her affection. His persistence won him many nicknames (blackberry boy/hamburger boy) and Nicole's heart. The song they danced to was one I hadn't heard before, but I'm totally in love with... Huckleberry by Toby Keith... This is the last verse, and very much a representation of Ron and Nicole:
Baby I'll be your Huckleberry, you don't have to double dare me
If the world gets wild and scary count on me to be right there
You're so extra ordinary sweet like maraschino cherry
We grew up and we got married
Now look at those three little Huckleberries

Congratulations guys! Huge hugs! Thanks for being my second Staci!

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Anonymous said...

Another job PERFECTLY well done Jonda!!!! Ur the best!!!