Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bishop family...

I imagine the conversation went like this... Amy's oldest daughter: "Mom do I know Jonda?" ... Amy: "You've met her, but you were really little. You probably won't remember her." Amy's oldest daughter: with a sigh "Will she make a comment on how big I've gotten?" .... Later that day... Jonda: "OH MY GOSH REGAN, you have gotten so big...." ugh!!! At some point I blinked and 10 years flashed before my eyes, and I've gotten old and didn't even realize it... Amy, thanks for re-introducing me to the rest of your wonderful family. You guys are one crazy group, and totally the best! Hugs.

We found a boat out on the water and the little guy got so excited we couldn't get him to put his hands down... When you can't beat them, join them ;)

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