Tuesday, December 22, 2009

inJoy 2009...winner

We got some great nominations for inJoy 2009 and it was hard choosing a winner. Thanks goodness it didn't come to rock-paper-scissors to make the decision, but it was super close.  Congratulations to Bryn and thank you for your wonderful nomination. 

This is the letter that tugged at our heartstrings.

Hello there. I hope all is well this holiday season. I think that this is the best idea ever. We all need to be a little more giving during the holidays and think more of others.
I feel very sad that I actually know someone who I feel is incredibly deserving of this gift. Here goes the story the best I can tell it. This is Stefan's aunt Robin, uncle Steve and their four children. Approximately six or seven years ago this family encountered their first disaster. One of the kids was cooking and something went terribly wrong and their entire house burnt to the ground. They weren't able to save most of their belongings and none of their pictures. Everything that they had every worked for was gone, all of their wedding pictures and kids' pictures were completely destroyed. They had to completely start over. Finally three years ago there new house was completed and they were elated to move back into a home of their own. But Robin started having some kidney pain. They did a bunch of tests but could not figure out what they problem was, so they tried a painful operation where they put a stint in and that failed with much regret, and pain. To Robin and Steve's surprise they found out at the age of thirty five (I think, don't quote me on that) that she was pregnant with baby number four. She actually announced this at my baby shower. Anyways, he is a wonderful, healthy baby boy and he is a blessing in their life. After the birth she continued to have kidney pain, now getting more severe to where she couldn't pick up her newborn baby and couldn't even breast feed at times. After several months of testing they finally figured out what she has, it's some medical name that I couldn't even pronounce let alone begin to spell, but she had to get another stint put in. Along with all of this medical stuff going on Steve has temporarily lost his job. He works on a dairy farm and there is just no work for him right now and this was all okay with the family until just last week Robin was let go from her job, just three weeks before Christmas. This is all so new to the family and like always they are trying to keep their spirits high.
Thank you so much for you consideration and have a very Merry Christmas.


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