Wednesday, February 17, 2010

batman brings on robin...

batman and robin, bonnie and clyde, sunny and cher, bert and ernie...yes you know them all, but why am i talking about them is probably the more important topic. well... they always say two heads are better then one and i agree it's better to have a sidekick. it certainly makes life way more fun! that's why staci and i have decided to team up and offer our clients a more expansive service.
staci is like working with sunshine... bright, full of energy and super charged... she has developed a brilliant eye for photography, and i'm constantly admiring her beautiful invitation designs. i'm extremely blessed to have the chance to do something i love with someone i love working with... sheesh, who knew that was possible. watch out world, here we come!
you may have noticed the changes to my blog 'look.'  staci, rockstar assistant and creative guru (she chose her own title), and i have been feverishly working on re-branding and getting things together for the moses lake bridal show on february 27th, which i think you all should come visit us.
keep checkin' back you never know what this dynamic duo will be up to next!  we are still in process of getting the website up and running so please be patient with us.

and since every post is better with a picture... here is one from the self titled "rockstar assistant and creative guru"


~Roberts~ said...

I love it all, 2 of my favorite photographers working together. You guys are going to have out of this world pictures. I love the new look, it's fresh and makes me want Spring here even more. You both do amazing work.

Emily Bartsch said...

A sincere congrats! You two are amazing and constantly challenging each other. Your clients are so lucky to have you as a team!!