Monday, July 5, 2010

a dreamy kind of love...

i absolutely adore the way jordan looks and jill. they could be across the room from each other, and the look he gives her takes my breath away. there is such a connection between them, that there is no doubt these two were created for each other. this is why i love my job. couples like this make me swoon, and i can't get enough of their goodness.

jill and jordan met during a church volleyball game. jill stuff blocked jordan's attack, and the introductions were made... i'm sure jordan was crying a little on the inside, but i'm sure jill's cuteness made up for all the pain. after years of dating they decided it was time to start a wonderful life together.

the day of their wedding was full of smiling faces, tears and lots of laughter. i truly believe that the reason jill and jordan are so successful as a couple is because of their faith, family and friends. jill and jordan's parents were so gracious and warm the whole day. during the ceremony there were several tissues present, and most were used my the couples friends.

jill and jordan's wedding took place in tacoma, washington. i love traveling to new locations and having the opportunity to shoot in new territory. we had the chance to use some glass artwork near jill and jordan's reception location as a backdrop for some pictures... fun, fun times! thank you jill and jordan for choosing me to be a part of your wonderful day! also a huge thank you to your families who were incredible! god bless! ..... now on to the pictures...

jill and jordan chose to do a "first look" so that we could take family pictures before the wedding.
 i personally love "first looks" and recommend them to all my couples.
sigh... i love how he kissed her... 
 oh my goodness... jill you are so beautiful! ok, jordan you're not so bad yourself.. tehe :)
thank you jill and jordan for being so fabulous and dreamy... i heart you guys! huge hugs!


Bev said...

Gorgeous work! LOVE that car!!
Perfect couple and you rocked their wedding!

Lyndsy, Ashley, Hayden, and Payton said...

I don't know how you do it.
But Jonda, your photos just keep getting better.
These pics were amazing!