Wednesday, July 28, 2010

rob and jen's happily ever after...

these two love birds couldn't wait to get married, and it was so exciting to experience all the emotions of the day with them. rob adores jen, and jen can't seem to get enough of him. multiple time during the day we caught them giving each other sweet looks and eskimo kisses! their first look, has by far, been one of our favorites! rob's face instantly changed from nervous, to overwhelmed with joy when he saw jen. we love grooms that can't get enough of their brides!! since rob and jen decided to see each other before their ceremony we ran out and shot some pictures during the hot afternoon... and the only thing that got steamy were their pictures! thanks rob and jen for being such a wonderful couple. we wish you all the best in the future! god bless!
totally caught this when they weren't paying attention...eskimo kisses!!! aaaahhhh... sigh....
rawr jen!!!
this was the fabulous get-away truck, and we almost died when we saw it! 
nothing beats an old beat-up teal international pickup truck! LOVE! 
rob gave jen a dramatic twirl to get her out of the truck...
stopping traffic! double rawr jen!!

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