Friday, August 6, 2010

fabulous friday find...

every friday we find something we think is super fabulous to share with our readers, and we always enjoy finding our little treasures...  this friday i want to feature my wonderful shooting partner staci... today is her birthday and i'm sure she will kill me for this... but this week she's my fabulous friday find!!!

i've known staci all my life, but never honestly really "knew" her. we grew up attending the same high school, but since i'm such an old lady ;) we didn't travel in the same circles. i have my little sister to thank for introducing us, and i honestly can't imagine life without her sassy personality and crazy laugh... if you've ever been around staci, you know exactly what i'm talking about... this girl has so much energy and passion for life, that it only takes a few seconds in her presence to get caught up in it too... she has been such a valuable addition to my photography, and i can't thank her enough for tagging along with my crazy adventures and keeping me motivated.

staci... please never quite laughing, baking, dreaming, loving and being the fabulous person you are today! god bless and happy birthday girl! ... hahahahaha.... now just a few photos, and i'm sure i'll pay for this one :)

i'm certain that i'm going to pay for the below pic... but i had too.... hahahahaha... love you staci!


JOLENE said...

Hooray for Aunty 'Taci. Thanks for sharing these fun photos Jonda!

StephanieTJLee said...

Aw, a happy belated birthday to Staci. I love the idea of your fabulous Friday find. All your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I hope to see more from you <3!