Sunday, August 15, 2010

jade and marla...married

this is the second time jade and marla have walked down the aisle together....they were in a wedding of their good friends new years eve a few years ago and it was so sweet to have those two in their wedding!  

jade and marla are two of the most genuine people. jade is such a sweet guy and knows his way into a girls heart, he should since he is the only guy in his family of three sisters and marla is one of three girls in her family, now's he is really surrounded!  marla's sisters in their speech's told everyone jade is known for buying marla flowers and sometimes he even buys them flowers...nice catch marla...jade I say your pretty stinkin' lucky too!

we started at the brides mom's house and ended up at the park in wenatchee and at the beautiful riverside community center in cashmere.  despite some crazy wind we got some beautiful shots and had a great time! thanks you guys for letting us capture your beautiful day, can't wait for you to see them all!  

we have been so lucky this wedding season and had some awesome cars to photograph, this wedding was no different, we got a circa 1960's bright blue mercury cougar, so much fun! 

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