Wednesday, October 6, 2010

rain or shine...

matt and jenah are such a sweet couple, but they have their differences to keep their relationship spicy. he's quiet and she's super bubbly. he's a cougar and she's a huskie... yup, that can sometimes be a deal breaker, but not for these two! thank goodness, because how happy they are together, made us smile through the whole session. the weather couldn't even dampen their spirits...yeah, for cute couples in love! :)

*as a side note to readers...this session was produced by the power of positive thinking! seriously! 

while staci and i were driving to meet matt and jenah for their engagement session i was not excited... let's just say my cup was way under the "half empty" mark... the skies were black and you could see and smell the rain. at one point the rain starting coming down so hard it looked like steam was raising off the pavement... beside me in the car, staci is bouncing up in down in her seat chanting, "the power of positive thinking, the power of positive thinking, seriously jonda... think positive!" i'm pretty sure i glared at her somewhere around that point. 
when we arrived at our first location it wasn't raining.... as in, it hadn't even rained in that area, but about a mile south of us it was pouring... bizarre! around that time staci elbowed me and whispered, "see the power of positive thinking." needless to say the rest of matt and jenah's session went like a dream. we had so much fun running from the weather and wondering when our "power of positive thinking" might run out... it never did. matt and jenah, we can't wait for your wedding next year, and know the power of positive thinking will give you the best weather! super huge hugs!
uuummm can you say yummy boots! sigh...

jenah you're so fierce and sexy...dang girl! 

just goes to show... cats and dawgs can live under the same roof... :)

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