Thursday, November 18, 2010

julia & dustin the fabulous couple (part 2)...

julia and dustin... she was a big city girl from the west side of the state, who visited her father every summer in a small town on the east side. dustin was a farmers son, grounded and strong. while visiting julia met dustin, and it didn't take them long to become glued at the hip. both were still in high school. shortly after graduation julia packed up and headed for the country. in the end... she married that farm boy who was also her high school sweet heart, and we're sure they will live happily ever after! ... sounds like it has potential for a great country song! :)

during our time with julia and dustin we have been inspired by their connection and love for each other. these two are solid! from the moment we met them, we never questioned their devotion to one another. being around them makes our hearts happy, and we feel so fortunate and honored to call them friends. their wedding was simply beautiful, and photographing them was the easiest thing we've ever done. they oozed excitement and couldn't get enough of each other during time together. we love couples who are ridiculously in love with each other!

... sigh... julia and dustin, may your lives be overwhelming blessed, because you have blessed so many with your presence. many many hugs!

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Margo in Mexico said...

Well done. the hardest part of all this will be to not frame 50 photos as all of them you took were absolutely framable. Captured a beautiful love. GOOD JOB.