Friday, December 10, 2010


it all started with a 1950's wedding dress that i found at a local bridal shop. something about its soft feminine lines reminded me of a childhood fairy tale. i had to own the mounds of ruffles and tulle, so i scooped up my new treasure for a whopping $40 and skipped out the door.

unfortunately, we were in the middle of wedding season with minimal time to day dream... i decided to drop the project into the lap of our good friend and creative genius, emily. my only request being a theme of cinderella and using the color white... after several emails, story boards and dinner we had a direction and shoot date. *please note that all the detail shots of props were supplied and created by emily... the bouquet, streamers, hair piece and mice... yep, emily hand made those! 

the next big project was finding a model who was tiny enough to fit into the dress. believe me when i say a 1950's size 14 is not comparable to a size 14 today. not even by a long shot!!! when i bought the dress the woman who helped me explained that in the early 50's, men would brag about their wives/girlfriends having hat-band waists... meaning their wives/girlfriends waist was the size of the hat-band that went around their head! yep, the dress was that tiny! i begged a former bride to try the dress on, and it fit her like a glove... we had our cinderella!

this is just a small taste of what our weekend. the images below are a album layout, so you're going to have to use your imagination and envision it as a 10x10 leather bound album... ha! :) i'll post  more pictures and images of the album later, but for now... i hope you enjoy a little piece of our cinderella story... happy friday!

art director/ prop creator: emily bartsch
hair and makeup: lindsey lang
model: jill madison
photography: jonda spurbeck, staci faw


Sandy S said...

Wow! Beautifully done you guys. Gorgeous images and a lovely album design. I love how you two are always pushing yourselves and trying new ideas.

Tara Jeles said...

Gorgeous work!! I would love a hat band waist just to wear these dresses!! All the styling was perfect and such a neat theme.

Emily Bartsch said...

There is magic in your photography.