Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day....

last week we had the privilege of shooting one of our amazing couples for 2011... and they were fabulous! when i asked mirielle and jorge if they would mind humoring me with some shots for valentine's day, they got more than i bargained for... a whole slew of super fun photos!

mirielle and jorge have been together since they were 15... they shared their first kiss on the playground after a science fair, and he teases her that "she forced him to kiss her." my favorite detail of this session were the love letters from jorge... they were simply adorable! we love guys, who love their women... sigh... :)

thank you mirielle and jorge for playing with taffy lips and confittie, freezing your buns off and looking gorgeous despite the cold! happy valentine's day everyone. please take the times to tell those you love... that you love them. many hugs and smooches today!

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