Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tell all tuesday...

q: what is a completely random fact about you?
j: i have the ability to pick out the most expensive item in a store without meaning too... put 10 pairs of boots, loaves of bread or types of stationary in from of me and i'll pick the most expensive one. it doesn't matter if it's at a garage sale or the mall... it drives me crazy because i'm a little bit of a penny pincher!
s: i desperately wish i could dance, i mean like hip hop, breakdancing, beatbox, swing, etc. "so you think you can dance" kind of dancing.

q: what is something you dislike photographing?
j: my dog ellie... she will be doing something funny or cute and as soon as she hears the auto focus beep... she charges me... literally! the only way to get a picture so to be a millions miles away with a long  lens.
s: family pictures at weddings. they just don't leave room for much creativity.

we always make sure to communicate what we want our couples to do during posing... 
and i'm sure communications are always clear :)

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