Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tell all tuesday...

q: what is your favorite food?
j: sorry vegetarians, but it's bacon... i can't get enough of it! it makes ABSOLUTELY everything better. breakfasts, salads, appetizers and entrées. i'll actually eat carrots if they are cooked with bacon! aaahhh my weakness!
s: italian...that encompasses all my favorites! breads, pasta and sausage.

q: what inspires you?
j: everything... totally cheesy answer, but it's true. light, beautiful scenery, lines and great love stories. god is an incredible artist!
s: depends on my mood... usually good tunes, they get me motivated. healthy competition, traveling, fresh mountain air and my friends.

we are always in each other photos, 
and jonda really isn't having a staring contest with the bride... it just looks hilarious!

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