Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tell all tuesday...

if you were stranded on an island what are three things you would need to survive?
j: fingernail clippers: they're my life force! i can't go anywhere with out a pair. i could build a fire and shelter with them! sun hat: one of those cute-floppy-straw-sun hats. every stranded person should make a fashion statement! and last but not least... matthew mcconaughey: need i saw more... sigh... :)
s: my camera, my laptop and the internet so I could post pretty island pictures for all my friends to see... oh wait, did you say stranded.... well, my husband because he would be like macgyver, plenty of natural ice chap-stick and beef jerky.

dog or cat person?
j: once upon a time i was attacked by a cat. yep, literally all four legs with claws were wrapped around my leg, and it wasn't playing! i'm still traumatized, and avoid cats as much as possible... so yeah, totally a dog person. i love my hounds! 
s: no question here, a dog person. not just any dog, only dogs that are larger than cats!

whenever we get the chance...we like to pose with handsome men. :)
gee i can't wait to post images where i'm not prego... apparently i'm hilarious. haha!

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Kim Spears said...

You ladies are so darn cute! I love these posts!