Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tell all tuesday...

what is always stocked in your fridge?
j: ketchup... my in-laws have a sick obsession with putting ketchup in or on everything! for example, my husband doesn't put salsa on his tacos... yep, he puts ketchup! and whenever i make spaghetti... yep, he adds ketchup to the top! yuckers!
s: mustard and my favorite salad dressing i have only been able to find in canada. it's worth the drive!

guilty pleasure television show?
j: the bachelor or bachelorette. these shows make me twitchy... meaning i can't sit still because i find a lot of the situations uncomfortable... seriously who could "fall in love with someone" who's going around kissing all different people... BUT i love the stupid show! blah! especially when spent with a group of good girl friends!
s: sons of anarchy, totally random i know, i don't even own a motorcycle or even want one. maybe part of me wants to be a biker babe! if you haven't seen it, but make sure to start from the beginning. its awesome.

here are a couple "behind the scenes" photos... 
yep, we are always getting in each others way. it's something we're both very good at! :)

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JoMama said...

I love "tell all Tuesdays." Staci is a French's Yellow Mustard Freak!!! Nice tooshie shots ya'll.