Wednesday, November 2, 2011

kathy and jeff's sleeping lady, leavenworth, wedding...

kathy and jeff are one-of-a-kind... their love is solid and inspiring. so inspiring, that many of their guest traveled thousands of miles to share their day with them.... yep, that kind of inspiring! 

they met at work through coworkers. her friends were suggesting she meet him, and his friends were suggesting he meet her... when they finally met, it was the way he threw a football that made kathy's heart skip a beat. their office romance bloomed, and then life happened... school, jobs, peace corps and several  years later jeff popped the question. with a huge yes, kathy and jeff merged their husky and oregon duck roots.

they decided to return to the pacific northwest for their wedding at the sleeping lady in leavenworth. planning a long distance wedding was difficult so they invested in the help of super star wedding coordinator, colleen simpson. she is worth her weight in gold, and made kathy and jeff's day a dream! the images prove it! 

thank you kathy and jeff for choosing us to capture your day. we've been blessed by you!
now to the good stuff... hugs!
 kathy... your smile is amazing :)
a quick glimps at the boys getting ready. if only it was this easy for us ladies..haha!
during the first look jeff's face was priceless... totally speechless!
kathy... you were breathtaking! 
the wonderful florals were by the fabulous patti bosket au naturel.
below is a great example of awesome teamwork... jonda's shot on the left, staci's on the right.
which way to the wedding... i'm sure i could take you in an arm wrestling match! :)
all the lovely bridesmaids are sisters!!!! yup, no brothers! poor dad :)
the sleeping lady really sets the mood for an outdoor wedding 
the priest that performed the ceremony, also performed kathy's parents marriage! seriously!

finally married!
below is the response to the best man's speech that started out something like... "when trying to figure out what to say, i learned that the best "best man" speeches only last as long as it takes the groom to "make love." thank you for your time"... and he walked off... only to come back and redeem himself with all kinds of wonderful stories. the reaction was perfect!
introducing dress #2... a sweet little number that appeared to be a good dancing choice... 
so funny! i love kathy's face, but look at all the guests faces too!!!! bahaha!
totally had a case of friend envy... this is a dancing crew!!!!! i was informed by kathy that all they did during grad school (her and their friends) was dance... that's a grad school program i want to attend! 
belly dancing with a coffee cup?? huh?? :)
and they lived happily ever after.... hugs!!!!

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