Thursday, January 12, 2012

bethany & caleb's pottery engagement...

bethany and caleb met in college, became friends... and then became "more than friends." now this perfect little couple is tying the knot in early june. i'm beyond excited to be a part of their wedding and adore both of them! while visiting during christmas, we braved the cold and windy weather for a few pictures. after fighting the wind and rain, i suggested we try something a little different... paint pottery. of course caleb gave me the "oh great face," and i'm pretty sure bethany was thinking the same thing... BUT it was soooo fun! we ventured to the artgarden and put caleb's graphic design background to work! the final was awesome!!!! 
as a side note... i've grown fond of sessions where our couples forget the camera's in their face, and relax. you get to see personalities come out, and it's so fun to get to know our couples in this new light.... thank you bethany and caleb for freezing your buns off, throwing some paint around and laughing the whole time! huge hugs and excited for the big day!
 caleb said choosing their mug colors was their first big "married decision"... 
it definately took some discussion! haha! ;)
a perfect couple...they have the same concentration face!
 i had the genius idea to have bethany kiss the cup so it was her actual lip prints.... we (i) didn't factor in that the cup was rounded... needless to say it didn't work so well, but it got a good laugh! :)
caleb's graphic design degree was put to good use... and he saved our lips :)

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Laura Mayer said...

Fabulous photos as always...loved that you stopped by to paint a little pottery!!! Fun! The happy couple Discovered Their Inner Artist!!