Wednesday, March 21, 2012

celebrating 16 years of love and laughter...

sonja and tim recently celebrated their 16th anniversary! yep, we need a big round of applause please! :) all sonja wanted was "romantic" pictures of her and tim... well, poor tim had to endure all kinds of hearts and "cute's" during his session. proving he's a really good man, haha! :) congratulations you guys!!! you are an excellent example for all of us... may you have many wonderful years ahead of you! bless you all!
love how tim is looking at sonja... sigh...
sonja LOVE's hearts and nature... so jonda's heart rock collection came in handy!
and these amazing critters are a huge part of those 16 years... such a beautiful family!!!!
most favorite part of this picture is their daughters face! :) hehe!

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Dana S. said...

I collect heart shaped rocks, too! <3