Friday, June 15, 2012

jenna & luke's ellensburg engagement session...

luke and jenna met at a wedding, and he put a ring on her finger that very day... ok, so not like you're thinking, but it did happen and she still wears the ring! jenna's big blue eyes and luke's quiet strength are the perfect combo! those eyes were also the inspiration for a song luke wrote... we seriously have the most amazing couples! we can't wait for your wedding!!! here is a little sample of his lyrical genius...

Peaceful right by your side 
I haven't looked for this I've been too afraid 

But easily we sit here and glide 
Tearing down stones from the wall that I made 

And I can't help to think 
Why finish second in a one man race 

Walking that line on the brink 
Between not living just let it fall into place 

And swing swing tear it all down 
Stardust and moonlight come flood my heart 
And swing swing a stone at a time 
Those blue eyes are tearing it down

-Blue Eyes and The Stone Wall, Luke Bissonette (the groom)


Amanda Ross said...

Yay! Congrats...the countdown is on!! Wonderful pictures :)

Jenna Bissonette said...

Awww...I had to come to your blog today just to look back at this wonderful day 3.5 years ago. We are still preaching the great work you two do! Thank you again for so beautifully capturing these wonderful memories :)