Friday, May 1, 2009

Kaylee & Michael's senior/couple session...

On Monday I had the opportunity to shoot with an up-and-coming photographer... Staci... who happens to be a good friend and super-awesome gal! She wanted to work on a few things, and hands on experience is the BEST! Check her stuff out at We got lucky that it didn't rain, but our devastating hot models, miss Kayleeanna and Michael both froze their buns off. Both swear they would never make it as models, but deep down I secretly think they were both lying. ;) You guys rocked my camera and it was super hard to pick favorites... I have a problem with over-sharing, but I can't help it when I'm excited about shoots.. Thanks guys for letting us drag you all over the country, freezing to death and starving! The photos were worth it!

Stacie learning the cameral tilt... :)

Totally can't take credit for the SUPER-AWESOME door... Staci mentioned she had just found it and immediately I had visions of the below... Thanks for letting me use your idea! Hugs!

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