Monday, June 28, 2010

busy, busy girl...

so, today is the first day i've sat at my computer in over a week... i've been out shooting fabulous weddings, and attending the workshop put on by the lovely jasmine star. it was an absolutely amazing week, and i can't wait to fill you in on all the details... but right now i have a million emails to answer... sooo here is just a quick sneak peek of all that's coming! hugs...

it was love at first sight for a flight instructor from the big city, and who could resist this sweet country girl's charm... he sure couldn't! congrats chris and chelsea!

last tuesday i was blessed with the chance to be in attendance for a workshop by jasmine star. after a day of absorbing all kinds of info, i came home inspired and ready to get down to business. 

these two met at a church function playing volleyball. they were on opposite teams, and she stuff blocked him. he might have cried a little inside after that.... but it sure got his attention. congrats jill and jordan!

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