Tuesday, November 23, 2010

lorin & bryan the lovebirds...

what's with the flamingo? well it's a super cute story!!!.... this won't be the first time these two have walked down the isle together... yep, a couple years ago lorin and bryan officially met when they walked together in lorin's cousin's wedding. from that day forward lorin's cousin was on a mission to set these two up. needless to say, it wasn't "the right time" for either of them, but over the years when lorin would visit her cousin they would end up hanging out. one year bryan bought a pink and purple house*, and  lorin jokingly sent him pink flamingos as a house warming gift.... love this!!!....  shortly after, they met at another wedding, and this time.... timing was on their side! 

soooo.... how awesome is it that we found this bird in the window of a store in spokane while shooting their session! f.a.t.e! thanks lorin and bryan for lettin' loose and having fun with us on a super cold fall morning :) we can't wait until the big day!!! hugs!

*bryan's house is still pink and purple... we're sure that's only because he's waiting for lorin to make the executive decision on the paint color :)

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