Sunday, November 21, 2010

sarah & aaron take the plunge...

sarah and aaron are simply amazing together... sarah is sweet as honey, knows what she wants when she sees it and doesn't mess around when obtaining her goals. that's where the story starts with her and aaron... they met while she was working at a bar in chelan. aaron came in to visit the owners of the bar who were friends of his, and little did he know that day would change his life forever. he caught her eye, and they started casually chatting... and several "beers and shots later"... sarah told aaron that she was going to marry him in seven years... they have been together ever since. since aaron didn't immediately bolt... sarah's mom said he was a keeper! it's only been three years since that fateful day...basically sarah is an over achiever... and now they are taking the plunge!!! i love stories like this.... sigh... :)

on the day we took pictures in chelan the weather was crazy! the night before i had checked the weather and found out there was a 70% chance of rain... i called to make sure we were still on if it rained, and sarah happily said and that they had brought an umbrella just in case... the day of the shoot i drove in black clouds all the way to chelan, cursing my horrible luck with weather... and then the clouds parted!!! literally! sarah had wanted to take pictures on a dock, and during the time we shot the black clouds created a circle around our location letting beautiful sunshine in. just as we finished, they closed... it was incredible!

sarah and aaron... thanks for being absolutely beautiful people, and i can't wait to be a part of your wedding next year! i'm so excited for both of you!!! hugs!

 i love heart shaped rocks... sigh... ;)

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