Saturday, May 5, 2012

danielle and derek's engagement session...

danielle and derek are passionate about many things... each other, family, sexy heals and mma fighting. yep, this is one couple you don't want to mess with ;) danielle and derek both trained for mma, and danielle had four undefeated sanctioned fights before she hung up her gloves... needless to say we think that's pretty bad a$$... throw a tough woman in a pair of sexy heals and whabam! deliciousness! thank you derek and danielle for freezing your butts off! you guys are so much fun, and we're sooooo looking forward to your wedding! sending super huge hugs!!!!
danielle would warp derek's hands for fights. we thought that was a pretty amazing thing to do, so we put a little mma in our engagement session... who would have guessed those two things would ever have been in the same sentence ;) super love the last image.

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