Thursday, May 3, 2012

pharron the muse...

this girl is my muse... whenever i'm around her, amazing seems to follow! we where first introduced by her high school art teacher when she was just a freshman. she was "forced" in front of my camera then, and something clicked for me... now she's graduating, and i'm not going to lie, my heart hurts a little ;) pharron is beautiful inside and out, full of music, art and all things creative. i will miss her, but i'm so excited to see where god takes her. wishing you the best in all you do! many hugs and loves!
i'm a sucker for a great set of eyes... hot dang folks!
 this is where we let our freak flag fly :)... we made a dress out of the pages of a vogue magazine.
this is our silly little creation, but dang it made for some fun pics! thanks pharron for amusing me ;)
below is my personal fave... sigh!


Donna Godfrey said...

These are amazing photos of an amazing young woman. I am once again extremely impressed!!!

Kim Spears said...

HOLY MOLY !! This is such a fun session. I love the magazine dress! And WOW that last shot seriously should be in a magazine!