Friday, June 22, 2012

hello world... meet hannah!

i can feel it.
feel too much of me.
the mirrors that all reflect
me back.
the boundaries of myself;
to tightly kept.
if only a key to 
my land; locked
a key to open,
free me to the ocean edge.
the edge where it stops
being me and begins being
the wild open expanse of
everything; nothing,
the misty salt breeze of tears
and wind that whips hair 
and hold my breath.
until finally, finally,
the locked door of myself is
opened to the feeling of 
being a part of again.

-hannah stone, landlocked version2

word are something that i struggle with. it's one of the main reasons i struggle blogging. i want perfection, and can rewrite two sentences for hours... it's seriously pathetic!... enter hannah. she's a former bride and dear friend. she has been a source of encouragement through my joys and struggles with motherhood. she is a word master. at one point we had discussed some collaboration projects, but sadly life got in the way. so it was exciting one day when i open up my email to see a sweet message from her, and a poem she thought would be appropriate for one of my couples. that got me thinking. when the perfect images are married with the perfect words... magic happens. so i asked if she would mind if i published some of her works with my weddings.... and she said yes! so over this wedding season you will be treated to beautifully composed words. i hope you enjoy!

about hannah, as told by hannah...
i've always loved to write. i love how simple word are, black and white on a page. and yet they can take you so many places, make you feel so many things. i don't ever set out to write a poem. they just sort of happen. there is always a word or an image, thought or idea, that gets stuck in my head rattles around and won't stop until i write it out. writing is the only way i know how to understand what i am thinking and feeling inside myself. and sometimes when i stop and put down my pen, read what i just wrote, i'm surprised by what i read. the honestly look inside. it's like therapy! read more from and about hannah on her blog at

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