Friday, July 27, 2012

jenna and luke's barn wedding in naches, washington...

you're a red string tied to my finger
a little love letter i carry with me
you're sunlight
smoke rings and cigarettes
outlines and kisses for silver-screens
dear never saw you coming
look what you have done
you're my favorite song
always on the tip of my tongue
well you own me with whispers like poetry
your mouth is a melody i memorize
so sweet 
i hear it echo everywhere i go
day and night
dear never saw you coming...

-the civil wars, tip of my tongue

 every major life decision should be made with rock, paper and scissors :) 
 jenna and luke were married at the beautiful running springs ranch in naches, washington. their venue is one-of-a-kind, and one of our absolute favorites! thank you, jenna and luke, for letting us be a part of your day! we were honored you chose us, and even more excited to call you friends. god bless and many hugs to you!!!!


Jessica Greenfield said...

How fun! What a beautiful wedding. Love the bridesmaid dresses!

Sandy S said...

This is one gorgeous and creative wedding! Well done ladies :)

Dana S. said...

I love her dress! Dang cute stuff!

Jenna Bissonette said...

Wow thank you for such nice comments, we had so much fun at our own wedding, it was the best one we've been to, although we are a little biased!
Jonda and Staci were amazing, they were able to capture the day EXACTLY as I knew they would. BTW most of the decor you see comes with the venue, I purchased hardly any flowers/decor. Our budget was venue, photography, and food. I knew Jonda & Stacy would be the best choice to capture the details & beauty of this amazing setting.