Wednesday, March 20, 2013

my crazy beautiful life in iPhoto...

I had started this really in depth post to explain my absence from the photography world. Only to realize that no one wants to read some sob story, so I'm going to keep this upbeat and fun. Here's the peppy version of why I've been absent...

Mom sends link to property up for auction.
I think "only if I win the lotto", but get curious and check it out.
See potential. For someone else.
What the heck. Go bald getting pre-approved for loan in less than two weeks.
Get a phone call, while headed to a final wedding, that we literally own a new house.
Visit the house.
Have too pee.
While washing my hands see "black thing" floating around bowl.
"What the..." I just peed on a snake!!! Can't breath, or pee in house again!
Two days later find snake downstairs sink. Father-in-law kills the beast. Phew!
One of our dogs has to be put down. I feel like I'm writing a country song. Ha!
Find out some things have to be fixed before the loan will be final. Ahem...snakes!
After several trips to home improvement stores, and a new roof we're ready.
Loose ten years off my life getting "actual" approval for the home loan.
Get the keys to the house. Happy dance.
Get in touch with my power tool side. 
Pack and fix up current home for possible rental. 
Move, at which point my brain was so fried, I literally wasn't speaking in coherent sentences.
Immediately get pregnant... Like 4 days after move! 
Love my toilet.
Love my couch.
Save two year old from himself.
Love my toilet.
Love my couch.
Think about unpacking. Eehhh.
Love my toilet.
Love my couch.
Look at my computer, then go love the toilet.

Needless to say the last part of the list has been my life for over 24ish weeks. I'm not looking for pity, because I've been extraordinarily blessed! I realize that!!! I find humor in the fact that sometimes when prayers are answered... you don't get the choice of timing! This all happened on an extremely busy wedding and portrait season. We were blessed to shoot ten weddings back-to-back, and several portrait shoots. No shortage of amazingness! 

However, on a serious note... I do want to apologize to my former brides for not posting their wedding sooner. I take full responsibility for my actions and hope you're all gracious enough to forgive me. I hope I can make it up to all of you in some way! 

So, now that everyone is aware that the only circus I've joined involves trying to keep my two year olds feet on the ground, and living out of boxes... I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. No pun intended :)


Melissa said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! So happy for you and your family!

Emily Bartsch said...

Congratulations for all life's blessings!!! I wish you all the best.

Danna said...

So the thing're so awesome, I'm just glad things are going your way! We love you and congrats on the house and...other things too! JT and I are looking forward to another session with you, hopefully this fall when things settle a bit. XOXO Danna